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:) Ok here goes. First let me say the definition of this drawing is done really well and the expression works well here. the problems I ...



if anyone is playing mario kart wii u online my user name is psowill80

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Here's the story I was working on during my Namowritmo for November.  It needs alot of edits but for now enjoy. 

four: Character commission for Psowill by xong

Four introduction v3


Notes scene opens in the city during the late afternoon before the black wolf awakens.


Page one.

Panel one: it’s a clear sunny day looking over a city.

Panel two: a quiet café on a street corner.

Panel three: Check mate is sitting in a table outside with a chess board sitting on a table.  Part of the chess pieces are moved as it appears someone is playing the game.  Most of the black pawns are removed.

Panel four: Check mate’s hand removes another pawn.

Checkmate: Lost another one my friend.  Your pawns have been decimated.  Your pieces are in disarray.

Panel five: close up on Checkmate’s face smiling confidently.

Checkmate: what will you do now?


Page two.


Panel one: the sun begins to eclipse.

Panel two:  the shadow is moving from left to right covering the city in darkness.

Panel three: the black knight piece moves forward.

Panel four: Checkmate smiles

Checkmate: You showed your hand too soon my friend.


Page three.


Panel one: scene is like a normal day in the city.  A young kid is playing on a tablet. Cars driving in the road.  Mostly this will have average everyday people doing normal things as the shadow of the night is approaching

Panel two: it’s dark.  Everyone is looking to the sky in a confused and startled panic.

Panel three: a werewolf is up top of a tall build looking down.  Note the wolf’s eyes are jet black.

Panel four: the wolf howls to the sky.  A black smoke erupts from its mouth.

Panel five: the black smoke forms a dark cloud in the sky.  The cloud itself is raining black blobs that fall to the ground.


Page four.

Panel one:  the black blobs begin to form humanoid bodies.

Panel two: the blobs are turned into black werewolves.

Panel three: the wolves turn their head’s and howl as the people panic and run.

Panel four: The black werewolves are chasing people while a few have caught some people and begin eating them.


Page five

Notes: Scene shifts to a bedroom with four’s alter ego and roommate. This scene takes place at the same time as the first two pages.


Panel one: Gills is sitting at his pc with his head phones listening to music with his eyes closed jamming in a groove.

Panel two: The lights go out.

Gills: AhhHHHHHH!!!

Panel three: close up shot: a light bulb on the ceiling fan lights back up.

Panel three: Gills is on the ground shivering and shaking.

Panel four: Xia rushes into the room opening the door startle and concerned.

Xia: Oh my god Gill, you ok?

Panel five: Gill is getting up back into his chair calmed down but annoyed.

Gill: I’m fine Xia. Damn stupid fuse.


Page six:

Panel one: Xia helps Gill back into his seat.

Xia: well don’t worry. I’ll check the fuses before I leave.  Backup generators should keep the lights on until I get back.

Gill: Thanks.  Sometimes I wonder what I would do without you.

Panel two: Xia is standing over gills shoulder grinning playfully and touching Gill’s headset.

Xia: I’m sure Bloodwork would ride to your rescue?

Gills: Oh geez.  She’s just a comic book character I like.

Xia: Is she your Waifuu yet?  Your badass knight girl in shining armor

Gills: Shut up.

Panel three: Xia walks away heading to the door.

Xia: He-he-he-he well I’m off.  I’ll see you later Gill.

Panel four: Gills lowers his head and pinches the bridge of his nose thinking about something.

Gills: I wish I was like her, strong, a badass, not weak.  Not like me.

Panel five: Suddenly the power goes out and everything goes dark.


Page seven.

Panel one: Gills falls out of his chair.

Panel two: Gills’s hand lights up a lighter.

Panel three: Gills is on the floor huddle around his lighter and Muttering to himself.

Gills: no-no-no-no-no.

Panel four:  Night time on a roof top.  One of the black-eyes wolves is climbing a wall to the top of a building.

Checkmate caption: My knight, this is no time to shiver.

Panel five: first person pov: the wolf climbs over the ledge onto the roof.

Checkmate caption: an evil has awaken and our game is set.


Page eight.

Panel one: other wolves are gather on top building rooftops assembled and looking to the sky.  These wolves eyes are blue.

Checkmate: Our opponents has gather its pieces ready for play.

Panel two: The wolves howl to the sky.

Checkmate: they’re about to make their move

Panel three: checkmate’s black knight piece is shaking and her hand approaches it.

Checkmate: My knight, it’s time for you to be put into play.

Panel four: Checkmate’s hand grabs the white knight piece on her chess board.

Panel five: the white chess piece eyes glow.

Checkmate: My move.


Page nine.

Panel one: Gills hands catches on fire.  Gill screams horrified.

Gill: AH-AH-AH.

Panel two: Gills arms are on fire now as he franticly fanning them in the air.


Panel three: Gill is complete on fire and screaming to the ceiling.

Gills: Help ME, somebody HELP ME PLEASE.  I’m ON FIRE.


Page ten.


Panel one:  Gill’s grows taller

Panel two: Gill’s waistline forms a feminine waist.

Panel three: Gill’s butt forms a feminine butt.

Panel four: Gill’s chest transforms into female breasts.

Panel five: arms emerges from Gill’s under arms.


Page eleven.


Panel one: Gill’s second set of arms are fully emerge.

Panel two: The flames retreats from one Gill’s hands.  The hand has one of Four’s gloves and is forming a fist.

Panel three: Four’s arms are fully formed and the flames have retreated.

Panel four: the flames around four’s neck is turning into a scarf.

Panel five: Back side of four with her scarf draped down of her back.


Page twelve.


Panel one: The flames on four’s head retreat revealing she’s wearing her helmet.

Panel two: Large panel. Four stands fully transformed. She popping her knuckles with her top set of arms, her bottom set of arms her hands are on her hips.


Four: Rocking.


Page thirteen.


 Panel one: Four is looking at her arms.

Four: Four arms? Rocking?  Who—What am I??

Panel two: Four’s body, her arms, chest and abs; are glowing.

Four: What’s going on?

Panel three:  The wolves turn their attention away from their prey.

Panel four: The wolves are converging on an apartment door’s steps.


Page fourteen

Panel one: Four’s hands punches through a door.

Panel two: Four is walking through the doors and down the steps still glowing.

Panel three: one of the wolf’s charges.

Panel four: The wolf scratches four arms, four blocks with her upper arms.

Panel five: The wolf’s hands is on fire.

Page fifteen.

Panel one: Four’s upper hands are on fire in a fist.

Panel two: four punches at the wolf shooting a first ball at the wolf’s head.

Panel three: the wolf is on first howling in pain.

Panel four: the wolf is burnt to ashes in a pile on the ground.  The other wolves just look at the pile.


Page sixteen


Panel one: Four’s swords form in her lower set of hands.  The flames from her hands are forming the sword.

Four: Don’t just sit there you pack of bitches. 

Panel two: Four’s upper hands are up and ready to fight, four’s lower hands are crossing her swords in an x.

Four: Come at me.

Panel three: The wolves’ growl at four.

Panel four: The wolves rush at four swarming her from all sides.

Panel five: Close up on Four’s helmet.  Four’s right eye glows purple.

Four: More.


Page seventeen.

Panel one: Four punches through three wolves, their heads explode.

Four: Give me more.

Panel two: Four slashes a group of werewolves in half with one swipe.

Four: Attack me like you attacked the people that can’t see you in the dark.

Panel three: a werewolf bits Four’s arm.

Four: Yes, like that.  Good boy.

Panel four: the werewolf’s mouth is on fire.  Four is standing behind the wolf.

Four: You get to die quick.

Panel five: four is holding the wolf with her lower arms while she breaks its neck with the upper arms.


Page eight teen.

Panel one:  Four is standing over the werewolf’s body she just killed with her hands on fire and her eyes glowing purple on her visor surrounded by the wolves.

Four: As for the rest of you.

Panel two: Four extends her arms casting a wave of fire that ignites the wolves as it hits them.

Panel three: the werewolves are ablaze and howling in agony.

Panel four: Four stands encircled by ashes of chard were wolves.

Sound: grrr


Page nineteen.

Panel one: Four is looking up to the sky.

Panel two: the blue eye werewolves are on the roof top looking down at four.

Panel three: Four stands ready to fight.

Panel four: The wolves sniff the air.

Panel five: One of the wolves waves their arm to the right gesturing to move out.          


Page twenty.

Panel one: the wolves leave.  Four looks on from the ground.

Four: You better run.

Panel two: Four walks back into the building.

Panel three: Four stands next to Gill’s bed.

Four: I could use some sleep.

Panel four: Four catches on fire and shrinks.

Four: Good night.

Panel five: Four is transformed back into Gill as the flames extinguish themselves lying on his bed face first..


Page twenty-one


Panel one:  The light is relighting the city moving left to right.

Panel two: Checkmate lifts her hand from the white knight piece.

Panel three: Checkmate smiles.

Checkmate: Check mate.

Panel four: the pieces returns to the board.

Panel five: check mate places the board with the piece attach to it into her purse.


Page twenty-two.

Panel one: Rear POV: Checkmate is walking away from the table.  The waiter is looking at the table surprised.

Panel two: on the table is a pawn piece with a hundred dollar bill wrapped around it.


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